President’s Message

President’s Message

January, 2019

Hello, I’m Lorraine Korn, the newly elected President of the San Fernando Valley Rose Society. I have been a member for three years now. My husband and children gave me membership to the Rose society as a Mother’s Day gift.

I have always loved roses, pink being my favorite, and am very happy being involved with others who share the passion of roses. I am a native of CA., married and have three grown children.

I love our monthly meetings. We have wonderful speakers each month and they are very informative!!! All are welcome to come. I would love to meet and greet old and new members and guests!!

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December, 2018

Dear Members,

Can you believe it is the end of the year 2018 already? What a year it has been! Our society has grown with the addition of several new members. We hosted a very successful “Rose Exhibition” and celebrated you, our members.

The exhibition provided wonderful speakers and a chance to make and take home beautiful “English Garden Bouquets” filled with our member’s roses. Our speakers this year were excellent and so diverse. Our own Loren Zeldin helped us out in a time of need when a promised speaker cancelled. We lost Helen Zeldin this year, and honored her with our participation in a lovely celebration of Helen’s life. The beautiful video that Loren’s brother created let us share a piece of their family history. Several of our members helped prune the roses at JoAnn Dillenbeck’s home and at Chatsworth Park, along with members of the Chatsworth Historical Society.

Our trip to The Banning Museum was relaxing and a great learning experience. Phineas Banning, “the Father of the Port of Los Angeles,” built this Victorian home in 1864. The house was occupied for 60 years, and acquired by the City of LA in 1927. The main house and carriage house are of the Greek Revival style. Phineas Banning founded the city of Wilmington and this museum is a National Historic Landmark. The Howard Rose Garden was small, but you can see the love that the supporters of the museum put into its care. I could have stayed a while longer just to sit and experience the peace of the beautiful views and surrounding park. The free city bus was so comfortable and a great way to make this journey!

Our weather was challenging this year and very different with record high temperatures, seasons off, and those dastardly Chilli Thrips. I’m realizing just how much we can and can’t control in our gardens. Mother Nature is pretty powerful. We are lucky to have the support and guidance of some of our own members such as, David Bassani and Loren Zeldin. Several other very experienced speakers and friends shared their knowledge with us.

Our Vice President, Dennis Gaj, has lined up several excellent speakers for the coming year, and we are taking our annual rose exhibition on the road. This year Tom Carruth will be supplying the exhibition of roses with our tour of The Huntington Library, in April 2019. We are so fortunate to be able to continue to meet at Wilkinson Senior Center and very lucky to have Theresa as our friend and helper at the center. I know that Theresa enjoys our meetings and speakers. I consider Theresa one of us, a member of our society.

It is coming to the end of my run as your president and I want to share a few of my thoughts. It has been my pleasure to be your president. I enjoy and value your friendship, and I’ll continue to be on the Board as your Corresponding Secretary. Serving with this amazing Board of Directors and Department Chairs has been a pleasure. Our Board meetings are pleasant and geared to making sure that we find the best speakers to inform and entertain you. We host events that support you, support our community, and promote “the love of the rose.” The heart of this Board is you, the members. Our goal is to make sure that we run this society with you and your wishes in mind.

After all, this is your society. We are a family of rose lovers who continue to support each other and share our love of roses.

I am excited to tell you that the current Board of Directors has agreed to maintain their positions on the Board and that our newer member, Lorraine Korn, has thrown her hat into the ring to be our new society President.

The Board and I will work closely with Lorraine during her transition into this new role, and I know that all of you will support Lorraine as well.

In closing, thank you so much for all of your support and guidance as I stepped into the position of president four years ago. I could not have done the job without your acceptance, support, and caring.

With my warmest regards,,
Irene Pashalides
President, SFVRS