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April, 2019

Hello Fellow Gardeners,

Bugs are here with more on the way. Time to check the garden and empty anything holding water that could house mosquitos. Recurving rims on containers are ideal habitats for spiders and snails. I’ve been an organic gardener since about 1975. I use herbal combatants at ground level on my wood pile, under the house, work bench, container storage. The birds seem to take care of insects above 4 feet. Always read and follow package instructions on ‘any’ product.

Time to check the level of mulch in the garden. My preference is 4 or more inches. Never put mulch against the canes of roses or the trunks of trees. For my clients I purchase a good organic mulch that is on sale. For myself I simply rake from under the 6 Italian Cypress that are about 30 feet tall. The material that crumbles from them is organic, acidic and free. You may have a homegrown source of mulch. Mulch is the single best way I’ve found to spare water, and feed the plants. As mulch decomposes the materials it contains are released into the soil which feeds your plants. The difficulty with mulching is being informed that the weekly gardener blew it away.

Time to check the sprinkler or watering system. Change the battery. My timer batteries are changed in the Spring and Fall. Turn on each station and check for problems or breaks, and adjust the run time to match the needs of the time of year. Check for plants that may have grown over sprinklers. I keep a simple repair kit in each of my clients gardeners closet.

Feed the Garden: My preference is to use Organic foods that contain correct microbes for the soil. Microbes are also available in a separate package. These microbes are very interesting and an article in themselves. Always read and follow package instructions.

Time to plant roses, seasonal vegetables and herb, and strawberries. Keep feeding lawns, fruit trees, and ornamentals. Always be careful to not overfeed succulents.

Happy Gardening,
D the G
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