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November, 2020

Hi All,

I’m glad that it’s over and done!! Glad that the excessively warm months are leaving us for several months. Glad that bare root season is on the near horizon. I for one am looking forward to 2021. Once again the all star roses took the high temperatures and thrived. Of course, the heat of summer causes the blooms to not be so large. However, it’s important to take note of those roses that do well. A few of the roses in my garden that did well this summer are: ‘Sentimental’, ‘St. Patrick’, ‘Anna’s Promise’, ‘Firefighter’, ‘Fragrant Lavender Simplicity’, ‘Alice Hart’, ‘Zee Wan Fe Wu’, ‘Gemini’, ‘Dr. Tommy Cairns’, ‘Gina Lolobridiga’, and there are many others. The roses I choose must be disease resistant, repeat bloom more quickly, and do well in the area where they are planted. I also prefer fragrant roses and those that are exhibition form.

The times they are a changing, the amount of daylight that is. There is about 1-1/2 minutes a day less daylight each day in L.A. County., The daylight times in Orange and San Diego Counties are slightly different. There will be less daylight until the winter Solstice on December 21st. At that celestial instant there will be 1 – 1/2 more minutes of daylight each day until the Summer Solstice on June 21st. I have a friend who live as in Palmer, Alaska. At the Winter Solstice there are 22 hours of dark. At the Summer Solsitce there are 22 hours of daylight. It comes down to location, location, location and proximity to the equator and North Pole.

I recommend that you sight the rising and setting sun and mark the Winter and Summer Solstices. Installing a sun loving plant in an area that is shaded all winter is a consideration for this gardener. Summer light too.

Also changing are the water needs in the garden. No one knows your garden better than you. Adjust your watering to the needs of your garden. The well prepared and mulched soil in my garden is staying moist with a once weekly watering using stream bubblers. My system is set to rum once a week for 5 minutes. The bromelliads in my gazebo receive water by misters.

Bare Root season is on the horizon! It’s time to plan ahead. If only I had double the space for a more adequate rose garden. Since double the space isn’t available, I do donate well-loved roses to friends, schools, and other organizations. So many roses, so little space.

Continue to feed lawns, seasonal flowers, vegetables and the other plants that require a feeding during the cooler months.

A poem by Dr. Russell Baum:
The setting sun shining on roses, casting a relief of intricate poses, creating a haven of beauty in which to feed the soul, giving a richness worth much more than precious gold.

Photos 2 and 3  below are an experiment at my sister’s home. The thought is to train them into a fan shape that would reach the top of the wall. The block wall is 6 feet tall.

Photo 1 – Alice Hart
Photo 2 – Fragrant Lavender Simplicity

Photo 3 Sugar Moon
Happy Gardening,
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