President’s Message

President’s Message

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November, 2020

Dear SFV Rose Society Members,

Here we are heading into the holiday season: Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Day. I don’t know about you, but I look forward to the holidays. I love the colorful lights, the music, and the wonderful foods of all sorts. The Christmas trees, poinsettias, garland, etc., all the plants of the traditional holiday season, with the colors and smells we are accustomed to that remind us of wonderful memories of years’ past.

Everything changes, we all know this fact. I tend to try to hold on to times as they are. Impossible! Paul Ecke sold his Poinsettia Farm, and the new owners do not grow poinsettias. Disneyland has full-time gardeners continually keeping fresh and lovely blooming “color bowls” of flowers, everywhere, surrounded by amazing lighting displays, and wonderful foods to enjoy as you walk along enjoying the sights and sounds of the season. Disneyland is closed, temporarily. We are used to doing things in a certain way. Now, we have to do things “differently.” I still purchase and enjoy Poinsettias, under different brand names. My favorite, of course, is “Rose Poinsettia!” The point is, I have my good memories, and I’m making different and good new memories! I already have “103.5 – I Heart Radio” playing continuous Christmas Songs in the house and in the car. I find this music very cheering for me. I have always whistled Christmas and Broadway Show music, while I gardened or worked on a project.

People tend to be a little more cheerful and kinder to each other during the holidays. Yet, you will notice a few people who are stressed out, tired, dealing with unknown situations, and that’s when we can reach out to help in little ways. Whether it’s letting them go ahead in line to pay at the store, or just listening to them speak for a little while. Let them pull their auto into your lane in front of you, don’t cut them off. Let them race their auto down the street, just stay out of their way. Say “hello” to your neighbors as they walk by your house. I had two extra delicious cakes, unexpectedly, and I gave them to my neighbors. They were very surprised! While many people are busy on their cell phones and texting, and zooming, etc., I can’t help but wonder and be concerned about the people who have fewer opportunities to reach out to others, or have less people reaching out to them. My cakes and notes may have meant more to them than even I realized. Next time, I may take a container of fresh rose cuttings or a magazine over to one of my neighbors. There is an endless list of ideas for doing something small, but significant, to let people know someone cares about them. I felt really good after I did my “ding-dong doorbell ring and run!” Try it, you will feel great, too!

I have waited a little later in the day to enjoy the garden. With the cooler temperatures, waiting for the sun to warm everything up a little helps me. Even indoors, I have left a small blanket on my chair to wrap around my shoulders, while I read my endless daily emails. I don’t miss the hot temperatures around 100 degrees!

Now, I’ve read all sorts of interesting hobbies and projects that people have been attempting, while we are homebound during Covid-19. I decided I didn’t want to be “the only person in the world,” who had not tried to do something interesting. I experiment with growing all types of plants in vases of water, under a plant light. I’ve continued to run my plant “experiments.” I stumbled onto an idea. I came across a large bottle of Vanilla Extract, unopened, but with an expired label. I could not, would not, throw it away. I heard you can put vanilla extract on minor burns, and it has a cooling effect. Hmmm. I let the bottle sit for weeks in my view and kept thinking about it. Then, it hit me. I used rose petals and essential oils with the vanilla extract, experimenting, and created my own fragrance. Now, I figure I smell good, but worry I can’t stay in one location too long, as I might attract bees and bugs!

We have a Winter “D the G” update article on the website now, from David Bassani, which is always interesting and fun to look forward to reading! I always recall his comment about spiders living under the rolled planter tops, as I work among my potted plants. I like spiders outside, and from a distance, not hopping out at me in surprise!

If any Members have any pictures of their lovely roses or gardens, please send them to Irene to share with all the Members.

Let us know, if you have purchased a new Rose during your time at home, and now that it is established in your garden, you would like to share your observations about it with the rest of us.

Do you have a favorite rose or an “old rose” you have been enjoying, and would like to share it with the rest of us.

We would love to hear from you. How are you keeping busy? If you know or hear any news of any of our Members struggling during this time, please let us know, so we can send “get-well wishes” to them. We are all dealing with the ups and downs of life during this historic Pandemic. It’s up to us to stay positive!

We all love to talk and share and enjoy each other’s company at the regular meetings, so don’t be shy now. Reach out to any Board Member and share! Remember, this Pandemic will pass!

Last item to share: The American Rose Society, of which the SFV Rose Society is a Chapter, has sent their most recent issue of “The Fragrant Rose,” with their Rose Growing Tips. The complete ARS issue can be found in the flyer, attached to this email.

The Covid-19 Pandemic is still with all of us for now. There is HOPE! Continue to be patient and kind with yourself and each other, and those around you! Wearing facial masks and leaving six feet of space between each other in public is here to stay for some time. Remembering that it helps to keep each other safe makes it all worthwhile. Some people are more vulnerable and susceptible to medical issues than is obvious with just a cursory glance in passing.

Meanwhile, Happy Holidays to each of you and your families! Stay positive, stay calm, and be kind to yourselves and your loved ones!


Jennifer J